¡Estamos listos para Seafood Expo Global 2024! Visítanos en el Hall 2, stand 2A602

We are ready for Seafood Expo Global 2024! Visit us at Hall 2, stand 2A602

We are ready for Seafood Expo Global 2024! Visit us at Hall 2, stand 2A602

Ultra-fresh and eco-friendly shrimp

Ultra-fresh, 100% sustainable and Spanish. That’s what defines our Noray shrimps, with its unmistakable texture and flavour. And for this reason, it is the one chosen by the best chefs to prepare their recipes in the best restaurants.


Packed in less than one hour

Sustainable protein

Additives free

Noray, ultra-fresh and eco-friendly shrimp

At Noray, we farm our shrimps with great care and dedication, meticulously monitoring the entire production process, supporting sustainability and efficiency. We are the first indoor farm, in the world, with ASC certification—a seal recognizing the company’s commitment to responsible aquaculture and sustainability and positioning us as the best choice among farmed seafood.

The taste of our shrimps is unique and unmistakable. Therefore, our raw shrimps have just received 3 stars in the renowned Superior Taste Awards 2022 at the worldwide competition held by the International Taste Institute. The highest recognition to our shrimps that makes us keep farming a signature shrimp with a unique taste, 100% sustainable.

In addition, in 2022 we have been awarded with the Food of Spain award in the category of Fisheries and Aquaculture Production. With this recognition, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food recognizes our work in promoting and enhancing the value of sustainable aquaculture, always offering a product of the highest quality and with all the guarantees, which commits to an efficient and innovative production model.


For every 100 points earned, you will get a discount of 5€ to redeem on your next purchase through our website

Raw shrimps

Awarded with three stars for its unmistakable taste in the Superior Taste Awards 2022, the maximum recognition awarded by the renowned International Taste Institute. Free from additives, 100% sustainable and Spanish. That’s what defines our fresh Noray shrimps with an exceptional flavour and perfect for eating raw, thanks to our sushi-grade quality seal, or for using at home in one of your favourite recipes.

At Noray, we farm our shrimps using sustainable aquaculture methods and a unique “Zero Waste” production system that ecognize CO2 emissions. That is why, we always strive for maximum freshness and guarantee that our shrimps are packaged within 1 hour of being caught, to deliver them to you at their best.

Cooked shrimps

Discover our Noray cooked shrimps. A fast and easy option to enjoy this delicacy of the sea without having to cook.

Always respecting our 100% sustainable philosophy for farming shrimps free from additives, we cook our freshly-caught shrimps using our recipe of water, bay leaf and just the right amount of salt, which has been ecognized with the TASTE OF THE YEAR 2020 award in Spain.

Ambassadors Noray

They are able to transmit, better than anyone else, our philosophy and brand values. They are part of the success of our story, and those who accompany us in this exciting adventure of farming the best ultra-fresh and eco-friendly shrimps.

A one-of-a-kind product

Noray is a one-of-a-kind product on the market. We grow our shrimps in our own farm and in a controlled environment that faithfully reproduces their natural habitat. Our farming system is innovative and we don’t use preservatives, or artificial colourings in any stage of the production process. That’s why we’ve been awarded “sushi-grade” quality, which means it’s perfect for eating raw.

We harvest on demand and we guarantee the packaging of our shrimps in less than 1 hour after fishing, so that the product reaches your kitchen at its optimal point of freshness for consumption.

Traceability guaranteed

At Noray, we look after the entire production process of our king shrimps, guaranteeing traceability from farming to the end product and therefore, ensuring 100% pure shrimps—free from additives and artificial colourings and additives.

Farmed to be sustainable

We care about the planet and we want to do our bit to preserve our ecosystem. Sustainability is one of our core business values, which is why we optimize production processes around the environmental and social integrity of the product and recycle our waste efficiently.

The shrimp of chefs

The taste and texture of Noray shrimps allow you to enjoy them both raw and cooked, giving rise to the most creative and original recipes. That’s why the Noray shrimp is the favorite one among chefs. Discover them for yourself!

Stories between sea and land

A noray is the mooring that links the sea and the land, but, for us, Noray is also the meeting point of many stories that reflect truth, passion, and commitment.

Noray in the media

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