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They are ultra-fresh, 100% sustainable and Spanish. So are our Noray shrimps, with an unmistakable texture and flavor. In addition, at Noray we raise our prawns with care and dedication, taking meticulous care of the entire production process, committed to sustainability and efficiency. We are the first indoor farm in the world with ASC certification, a seal that recognizes the company’s commitment to responsible aquaculture and sustainability that positions us as the best choice among farmed seafood products.

Shopping at Noray is really easy. You only have to register in our website and you will be able to start shopping. Select the product and the quantity you want and it will be automatically loaded in the cart located at the top right. When you finish click on finalize purchase and follow the simple instructions that we will indicate you throughout the purchase.

If you have a restaurant or any other catering business and you are interested in adding our prawns to your offer, you can send us an e-mail to and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We raise our shrimps in our own farm in Medina del Campo and in a controlled environment that faithfully reproduces their natural habitat. Our breeding system is innovative and we do not use preservatives or colorants in any part of the production process. Therefore, we obtain a quality grade “sushi” or perfect for raw consumption. We fish on demand and we guarantee the packaging of our prawns in less than 1 hour from the moment they are caught so that the product arrives in your kitchen at its optimum point of ultra-fresh consumption.

They should be kept refrigerated at a temperature between 0 and 4 degrees in their original closed package. Once opened, they should be consumed within 24 hours.

Packed in less than one hour

Sustainable protein

Sulfite free

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