¡Estamos listos para Seafood Expo Global 2024! Visítanos en el Hall 2, stand 2A602

We are ready for Seafood Expo Global 2024! Visit us at Hall 2, stand 2A602

We are ready for Seafood Expo Global 2024! Visit us at Hall 2, stand 2A602

Stories between sea and land

Stories that make the impossible possible

A noray is the mooring that links the sea and the land, but, for us, Noray is also the meeting point of many vital stories. True stories with a shared passion that, together, are changing the sustainable aquaculture industry. And without them, we couldn’t make our story possible.For all these reasons, we are presenting Stories between Sea and Land, our most personal communication project with which we want to give voice to those stories that accompany us on this exciting path. Because they motivate us to continue producing an ultra-fresh and eco-friendly shrimp with a unique texture and flavor, where no one believed we could make it.We invite you to learn a bit more about us and what makes us different: our team, our clients and also our suppliers. In short, our great Noray family.Don’t miss out our stories!

Discover our stories

Pierre Bozolla, our Facility Manager with a sailor's soul

Pierre carries the sea in his blood. His vocation for aquaculture dates back to his first years of life when he sailed the sea with his parents on a boat. A passion that he continued to cultivate by working at large and prestigious companies within the industry around the world until he decided to join Noray, motivated by the challenge of producing sustainable shrimps with care and dedication using a unique and pioneer production system in the world.

Roberto Ruiz, our brand ambassador and most successful gastronomic crush

We are very happy to introduce Roberto Ruiz who has been recently appointed Noray´s brand ambassador. For his gastronomic proposal, the Mexican chef looks for trusty suppliers that offer high quality and proximity raw products. Therefore, Noray´s values and philosophy made him to have a crush on our shrimps before starting a new path together that will bring us, for sure, great stories to tell.

Paula Esteban, the union of passion, sustainability, and perseverance

Paula Esteban‘s work, who is always seeking to be a part of the change, has been key to achieve the ASC certification which recognises us as employers of sustainable and responsible production methods of farmed seafood. For our Sustainability and Quality Manager, Noray’s values and philosophy are different from the rest since here it’s all about responsibility and the highest quality shrimps.

Marc Segarra, a Michelin star chef with passion and a lot of heart

Our bond with our dear friend and chef Marc Segarra, who is based in Valladolid, goes beyond the merely gastronomic barriers. Marc offers fresh, high- quality and sustainable products, the very same values that we work for every day at Noray and that have its maximum reflection in Noray’s shrimps.

José Sobejano, the art of printing in Medina del Campo

We want to tell the world about the effort and commitment we put every day in producing ultra-fresh and sustainable shrimps and, also, how this daily work has a positive impact in our local community, the town of Medina del Campo. Therefore, José Sobejano, Manager of Sobejano printing company, is also a key player for Noray, as he knows perfectly how to capture the personality and essence of our brand in all kinds of branding materials and works.

Jerónimo Sánchez, an example of perseverance, effort, and generosity

Our first retail client was Plaza supermarket chain. Its manager, Jerónimo Sánchez, looks for suppliers which have a similar philosophy to Plaza´s and that means having a great respect for the product and its quality. Thanks to his confidence on us, we proudly joined its suppliers network a long time ago.

Javier Paniagua, a chef at heart and an archaeologist by training

When you are passionate about something, it is very difficult to leave it behind and Javier can talk at length about that bond. After working for years as an archaeologist in Madrid, Javier decided to return to his roots, to what really gave him butterflies in his stomach: cooking. And he did so to run his most personal project, Mónaco, the family restaurant that his parents had been running for more than 30 years in Medina del Campo. An obligatory stop that has already become a gastronomic reference point in the area. Origin, disruption, admiration, respect and know-how are the values that we share with Javier and that have made us gastronomic travelling companions in this great Noray family.

Staynutri, a perfect tandem for eating healthy and tasty food in equal parts

Alex and Íñigo are an example of passion, effort, empathy and knowledge of the world of food, health and, of course, gastronomy. And that is what makes them different and what has brought us together throught their project, Staynutri. A nutrition clinic that approaches food from a very personal point of view and aims to improve health by destroying false myths and ensuring that all their patients understand, learn and, above all, enjoy healthy eating, but full of flavour. A philosophy of respect for the patient and for each individual case that is undoubtedly turning them into a reference in the sector and where Noray has become a great ally.

Yolanda Patiño, half of a marketer and half of foodie

Since she was a child, she grew up in the kitchen watching her father training in gastronomy, something that has undoubtedly marked a large part of her professional career and her lifestyle. Yolanda Patiño, our Marketing and Branding Director, is an inveterate foodie and there is no shrimp that can resist her. As a specialist in communicating and promoting gastronomic projects and food companies, Yoli began to plan her own venture, but one day Noray crossed her way… The challenge of building a brand from scratch and positioning a new product category in which she firmly believed was what convinced her to join the project. His passion: the origin, his work philosophy: to reach people’s hearts and discover what they have to tell us, his daily mantra: “Noray shrimps, there are none like them”.

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