Noray, climate smart shrimp


After more than 11 years of trial & error and R&D, we have succeeded to create an ideal and natural environment for our shrimp in an innovative, stable and sustainable aquaculture system, one of the first of its kind in the World.

The application of our cutting-edge Microbial Technology with artificial saltwater, enables production of clean and fresh shrimp indoors and at any location without the use of sulphites, or chemicals.

Controlling the full production sequence

Having an in-house hatchery is key for control of larvae quality, stocking intervals and predictable output. Noray is the first company in the world that has reproduced shrimp in 100% artificial seawater.

In our super intensive system, shrimp grow from larvae to a market-size product in 100-120 days. Our objective is for decreased time in grow-out and improved biomass control through optimization measures. Strict adherence to proprietary protocols is key for control in the hatchery, nursery and grow-out phases.

With our Climate Smart production method, we successfully address the challenges of the conventional shrimp industry; a multitude of diseases, the widespread use of chemicals and sulphites and criticized labor practices.

In our indoor facility we can ensure a stable environment independent of climatic conditions and thereby allow production and harvesting all year round, supporting the local economy.

Successful technology

We have developed a proprietary set of protocols for feed and parameter control that yields the best possible living and growth conditions throughout the entire production cycle in a stable and sustainable Microbial Technology system.

Noray represents a major advancement compared to traditional pond farming and RAS/Clear-water systems.  Microbiome systems control the water quality through a self-nitrification process with zero water exchange. The shrimp use the microorganisms as an additional source of feed which increases productivity and reduces feed conversion ratio (FCR).  Our indoor production, the use of artificial saltwater and the enforcement of strict biosecurity measures effectively minimize the risk of disease.

Our proprietary protocols permit control of key water parameter such as oxygen, salinity, NH3, bacteria and floc level. The result is a cost-effective production of clean, fresh shrimp, free of sulphites and chemicals.

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